PRV Virion Structure

The virion particle is 200 nm in diameter, compared to an average mammalian cell diameter of 10 to 50 µm. A linear double-stranded DNA genome of 143,800 bp is packaged within an icosahedral capsid (125 nm diameter) to form the nucleocapsid. The capsid is embedded in a matrix known as the tegument layer, which contains many virus-coded proteins. The tegument is itself surrounded by the envelope, a lipid membrane containing several viral glycoproteins.


Drawing of PRV Virion Structure. Modified and posted with permission from Dr. Marko Reschke

Of the 70 proteins or so that the PRV genome encodes, at least 33 are found in the final virion [1]:

7 in the capsid

14 in the tegument

12 in the envelope

View detailed information on the functions of virally-encoded PRV proteins at the Los Alamos STD Sequence Database.

Electron Microscopy View of a Viral Particle

[1]Klupp BG, Hengartner CJ, Mettenleiter TC, Enquist LW. Complete, annotated sequence of the pseudorabies virus genome. J. Virol., 78(1):424-440.