Enquist Lab Members





Principal Investigator

Lynn W. Enquist
Lynn W. Enquist

Research Interest:  Genetics and molecular biology of DNA viruses with a special emphasis on neurotropic alpha herpes viruses. Lynn W. Enquist Biography »

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Postdoctoral Fellows

Ian Hogue

Research Interest: Studying the cell biological mechanisms of herpesvirus egress/exocytosis.


Research Interest: Orkide is aiming to better understand the molecular mechanisms of the cross-talk between alpha-herpesviruses and host neurons during viral infection. One of the most interesting features of neurons is the presence of local protein synthesis machinery in axons; far away from the cell body. Those locally translated proteins regulate growth cone navigation and integrity during development, regeneration and retrograde communication with the cell body in adult neurons. She is particularly interested in revealing how axonal RNA/protein dynamics are affected during viral infection and whether viruses modulate or utilize such machinery in neurites for efficient transport and spread.


Research Interest: Kathlyn aims to study the detailed pathogenesis of PRV in vivo.

Julian Scherer
Research Interest:  Julian is interested in microtubule based transport of herpes viruses during entry and egress and the role of molecular motors in infection.

Graduate Students

Andrew Esteves

Oliver Hao Huang
Oliver Hao Huang

Research Interest: One of the interesting phenomenons during PRV neuronal infection is the gradual degradation of KIF1A, the major kinesin motor responsible for PRV axonal anterograde transport. Oliver is trying to find the underlying mechanisms mediating the degradation and the functional significance in PRV axonal transport and egress.

Margaret MacGibeny


Shree Tanneti
Shree Tanneti

Research Interest: Viral infection induces the host cell to activate various signaling pathways. Such cellular responses are hijacked by the virus in its advantage. For example, viruses utilize host machinery to evade immune response, replicate and spread to neighboring cells. I am particularly interested in studying the mechanisms behind viral transport associated cell-signaling within neurons.


Lab Manager

Halina Staniszewska Goraczniak


Administrative Assistant

Matthew Montondo
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