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Review Article
Left-right asymmetry: lessons from Cancun (2013) 
Burdine RD and Caspary T.
Development 140(22):4465-4470

Dyx1c1 is required for axonemal dynein assembly and ciliary motility (2013)
Tarkar A, Loges NT, Slagle CE, Francis R, Dougherty GW, Tamayo JV, Shook B, Cantino M, Schwartz D, Jahnke C, Olbrich H, Werner C, Raidt J, Pennekamp P, Abouhamed M, Hjeij R, Köhler G, Griese M, Li Y, Lemke K, Klena N, Liu X, Gabriel G, Tobita K, Jaspers M, Morgan LC, Shapiro AJ, Letteboer SJ, Mans DA, Carson JL, Leigh MW, Wolf WE, Chen S, Lucas JS, Onoufriadis A, Plagnol V, Schmidts M, Boldt K; UK10K, Roepman R, Zariwala MA, Lo CW, Mitchison HM, Knowles MR , Burdine RD, Loturco JJ, Omran H. 
Nature Genetics 45(9):995-1003 

  Functional knowledge transfer for high-accuracy prediction of under-studied biological processes (2013)
Park CY, Wong AK, Greene CS, Rowland J, Guan Y, Burdine RD, and Troyanskaya O.G. 
PLoS Computational Biology 9(3):e1002957

Integration of Nodal and BMP signals in the heart  requires FoxH1 to create left-right differences in cell migration rates that direct cardiac asymmetry. (2013)
Lenhart KB, Holtzman NG, Williams JR, and Burdine RD. 
PLoS Genetics 9(1):e1003109


CCDC103 mutations cause primary ciliary dyskinesia by disrupting assembly of ciliary dynein arms  (2012) 
Panizzi JR, Becker-Heck A, Castleman VH, Al-Mutairi D, Liu Y, Loges NT, Pathak N, Austin-Tse C,  Sheridan E, Schmidts M, Olbrich H, Werner C, Haffner K, Hellman N, Chodhari R, Gupta A, Kramer-Zucker A, Olale F,Burdine RD, Schier AF, O’Callaghan C, Chung EMK, Reinhardt R, Mitchison HM, King SM, Omran H, and Drummond IA. 
Nature Genetics 44(6):714-9

Adeno-associated virus-mediated rescue of the cognitive defects in a mouse model for angelman syndrome (2011)
Daily JL, Nash K, Jinwal U, Golde T, Rogers J, Peters MM, Burdine RD, Dickey C, Banko JL, Weeber EJ.
PLoS One 6(12):e27221

Two additional midline barriers function with midline lefty1 expression to maintain asymmetric Nodal signaling during left-right axis specification in zebrafish (2011)
Lenhart KF, Lin SY, Titus TA, Postlethwait JH and Burdine RD.
Development 138(20):4405-4410

Examining the establishment of cellular axes using intrinsic chirality (2011)
McSheene JC and Burdine RD.
Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 108(30): 12191-2

Nodal-dependent mesendoderm specification requires the combinatorial activities of FoxH1 and Eomesodermin (2011)  
Slagle CE, Aoki T, and Burdine RD.
PLoS Genetics 7(5): e1002072

The exocyst protein Sec10 interacts with Polycystin-2 and knockdown causes PKD-phenotypes (2011)
Fogelgren B, Lin S-Y, Zuo X, Jaffe KM, Park KM, Reichert RJ, Bell PD, Burdine RD, and Lipschutz JH.
PLoS Genetics 7(4):e1001361

Embedding, serial sectioning and staining of zebrafish embryos using JB-4 resin (2011)
Sullivan-Brown J, Bisher ME, and Burdine RD.
Nature Protocols 6:46-55

The coiled-coil domain containing protein CCDC40 is essential for motile cilia function and left-right axis formation (2011)
Becker-Heck A, Zohn IE, Okabe N, Pollock A, Lenhart KB, Sullivan-Brown J, McSheene J, Loges NT, Olbrich H, Haeffner K, Fliegauf M, Horvath J, Reinhardt R, Nielsen KG, Marthin JK, Baktai G, Anderson KV, Geisler R, Niswander L, Omran H, Burdine RD.
Nature Genetics 43:79-84
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Regression-based identification of behavior-encoding neurons during large scale optical imaging of neural activity at cellular resolution (2011)
Miri A, Daie K, Burdine RD, Aksay E, and Tank DW.J.
Neurophysiology 105:964-980 

Triangle Plot
Categorical data analysis in experimental biology (2010)
Xu B, Feng X, and Burdine RD.
Developmental Biology 348:3-11

Cilia in the neural tube
Imaging Cilia in Zebrafish (2010) 
Jaffe KM, Thiberge SY, Bisher ME, and Burdine RD.
Methods Cell Biology 97C:415-435

More than maintenance? A role for IFT genes in planar cell polarity (2010)
Jaffe KM and Burdine RD.
J Am Soc Nephr 21:1240-1241

TEM of cilia
Mutations in zebrafish leucine-rich repeat-containing six-like affect cilia motility and result in pronephric cysts, but have variable effects on left-right patterning (2009)
Serluca FC, Xu B, Okabe N, Baker K, Lin SY, Sullivan-Brown J, Konieczkowski DJ, Jaffe KM, Bradner J, Fishman M, and Burdine RD.
Development 136:1621-1631
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Kuppfer's vesicle cilia SEM
Fluid dynamics in Zebrafish Kupffer's vesicle (2008)
Okabe N, Xu B, Burdine RD.
Developmental Dynamics 237:3602-3612

Zebrafish heart labeled with left-sided GFP
Direct and indirect roles for nodal signaling in rwo axis conversions during asymmetric morphogenesis of the zebrafish heart (2008)
Baker K, Holtzman NG, Burdine RD.
Proc Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 105:13924-13929 

Cover photo from JASN
SIX2 and BMP4 mutations associate with anomalous kidney development (2008)
Weber S, Taylor JC, Winyard P, Baker KF, Sullivan-Brown J, Schild R, Knüppel T, Zurowska AM, Caldas-Alfonso A, Litwin M, Emre S, Ghiggeri GM, Bakkaloglu A, Mehls O, Antignac C, ESCAPE Network, Schaefer F, Burdine RD.
J Amer Soc Nephr 19: 891-903 
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Hanging-drop explant of a zebrafish shield
Quantitative differences in tissue surface tension influence zebrafish germ layer positioning (2008)
Schoetz EM, Burdine RD, Jüelicher F, Steinberg MS, Heisenberg CP, Foty RA.
HFSP Journal 2: 42-56.
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Zebrafish kidney cilia
Zebrafish mutations affecting cilia motility share similar cystic phenotypes and suggest a mechanism of cyst formation that differs from pkd2 morphants (2008)
Sullivan-Brown J, Schottenfeld J, Okabe N, Hostetter CL, Serluca FC, Thiberge SY, Burdine RD.
Developmental Biology 314: 261-275.

oep RNA expression in the zebrafish blastoderm
Nodal signals mediate interactions between the extra-embryonic and embryonic tissues in zebrafish (2007)
Fan X, Hagos EG, Xu B, Sias C, Kawakami K, Burdine RD, Dougan ST.
Developmental Biology 310: 363-378 

Curly-up zebrafish embryo
Zebrafish curly up encodes a pkd2 ortholog that restricts left-side-specific expression southpaw (2007)
Schottenfeld J, Sullivan-Brown J, Burdine RD.
Development 134,1605-1615.

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Brain asymmetry: switching from left to right (2005)
Lin SY, Burdine RD.
Current Biology 15: R343-345  

Pitx3 expression
pitx3 defines an equivalence domain for lens and anterior pituitary placode (2005)
Dutta S, Dietrich JE, Aspock G, Burdine RD, Schier A, Westerfield M, Varga ZM.
Development 132:1579-1590

Review Article
Zebrafish pronephros: a model for understanding cystic kidney disease (2003)
Hostetter CL, Sullivan-Brown JL, Burdine RD.
Developmental Dynamics 228: 514-522

Rescued MZoep embryo
A loss-of-function mutation in the CFC domain of TDGF1 is associated with human forebrain defects.(2002)
de la Cruz JM, Bamford RN, Burdine RD, Roessler E, Barkovich AJ, Donnai D, Schier AF, Muenke M.Human
Genetics 110: 422-428. 

habenular asymmetry in zebrafish
A nodal signaling pathway regulates the laterality of neuroanatomical asymmetries in the zebrafish forebrain (2000)
Concha ML, Burdine RD, Russell C, Schier AF and Wilson SW.
Neuron 28: 399-409 
Highlighted- "Asymmetry: reversal of forebrain"  Nature Reviews Neuroscience

Review Article
Conserved and divergent mechanisms in left-right axis formation (2000)
Burdine RD, Schier AF.
Genes & Development 14: 763-776

MZoep embryo
Loss-of-function mutations in the EGF-CFC gene CFC1 are associated with human left-right laterality defects (2000)
Bamford RN, Roessler E, Burdine RD, Saplakoglu U, dela Cruz J, Splitt M, Goodship JA, Towbin J, Bowers P, Ferrero GB, Marino B, Schier AF, Shen MM, Muenke M, Casey B.
Nature Genetics 26: 365-369 

Absent Nodal signaling in LZoep embryos
Conserved requirement for EGF-CFC genes in vertebrate left-right axis formation (1999)
Yan YT, Gritsman K, Ding J, Burdine RD, Corrales JD, Price SM, Talbot WS, Schier AF, Shen MM.
Genes & Development 13:2527-2537